Uncharted, the movie : Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Elena Fisher (Tati Gabrielle) go on to live a love story ?


Any door to believe that Nathan Drake is going to fall of the tumultuous Chloe Frazer for Elena Fisher in the course of the plot of Uncharted !

Tom Holland has just announced the start of filmingUncharted in the photo, and it is a great news for all fans of the popular video game that the film will be adapted ! As you will discover there the star of the franchise Spider-Man in a younger version of Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the story, given that the film will serve as a prequel. We also will see the transformation of Mark Wahlberg in the skin of his mentor Sully, an old treasure hunter with us. In terms of Tati Gabriellesubscribers of Netflix knows well (she plays Prudence in the series The New Adventures of Sabrina), it will show under the guise of Elena Fisher. Finally, Sofia Ali (Truth or darewill be Chloe Frazer. However, these two characters mentioned above have the particularity of being closely related with Nathan Drake…

Tati Gabrielle in The New Adventures of Sabrina

Credit : Netflix

In video games, the first is an american journalist who, finally, marry the hero and have a daughter with him, Cassie. The second is a treasure hunter Aussie-indian expert on flights with a passive in love with the main protagonist. To see where we want to in the future ? There is a great possibility that a romantic triangle of flowers between these three young people in the course of the film ! As we will see the youth of the browser, you might come to know him at one point in his life where he gets in a relationship with Chloe Frazer. In the course of the story, who travels the world in the company of Sully, was going to meet with the treasure hunter, to which he was going to fall in love. A love story, a passionate of the candidates, but not as tormented as that of the Love Gaspar Noé, in which we ask more questions !

Tom Holland's in the skin of Spider-Man

Credit : Sony

As you can imagine appear at the beginning of the film in the disguise of an orphan irresponsible head warm, that is not going to grow after you have overcome the dangerous adventures alongside his mentor. It was during his years carefree he lives a passionate romance with Chloe Frazer, personality, impulsive and reckless, before you calm down and the fall of the more reasonable Elena Fisher. These two women are in disagreement with each other, it would be the first difficult to determine which is more… Before you understand that it is the journalist that is made for him, but only at the end of the film. In melted, we think thatshe and Nathan Drake is going to live a love story, but not in the first Uncharted : place in the drythe Sony Pictures will not fail to produce, in case of success !


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