UNUSUAL : Henry Cavill mount your PC in a way very sensual


Henry Cavill is an actor of renown, known for having played Superman the filmand, then, Geralt of Riv in the series Netflix. Obviously, the English like to push to the room, it is necessary to keep in shape, but Henry Cavill is also a real geekspend a lot of time in The Witcher of course, but also in Total War: Warhammer IIhe has done a beautiful tribute recently.

Then, of course, to play on the PC, it is necessary from time to time for a change machine, Henry Cavill has bought a lot of components and it is fun to film the installation of your new computerand then share it all in Instagramwith the famous tube You’re the First, The Last, My Everything Barry White. This is a video very sensual, the actor is having fun in other places by waving a screwdriver or the removal of almost erotic the thermal paste after having had to resign his water-cooled to the place. Yes, even he meeting of the galleys to the mountingthe actor does not spend a lot of time to decipher the manual.

The housing Corsairthe screen and the motherboard ASUS ROGgraphics card NVIDIA 2080 You (sold 1 386 € Amazon.fr anyway), processor AMD Ryzen, keyboard Razer Hunter Elite, water-cooled NZXT KarkenHenry Cavill is going well for play during long nights, perhaps with a view of Cyberpunk 2077 or Total War Series: Troy ?

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