Victoria Lomba Chooses the Shortest Thing in Her Closet Selfie With Surprise!

Victoria Lomba | Instagram

It is the most direct competition of Kim Kardashian

Pushing Kim Kardashian of her status and taking her place is a feat and if you do it based on the size of your lower back, more. Victoria Lomba claims to have that title under her belt, so as not to take selfies with a short skirt!

To César what is of César that says the saying and to Victoria what is his and must be recognized: the physicist of this sports model has little to envy anyone, hence the centers he has for Madrid are up to the flag of regulars who want to get to look like her, although it is not easy.

As everyone who has an imposing physique says that his secret is sports and diet … do you really think so easy to get these celebrities or is what you want everyone who listens to believe?

Ok, Victoria recognizes that surgery and the scalpel have helped something to get what she has today. But you have to keep it and that’s what Victoria takes care of with her work and without much thought. And that’s why he dares with minis, and that’s why he makes selfies, his work has to be taught.

He has turned his physique into his source of income – in addition to those centers where he teaches others – and if Kim Kardashian has an app detailing his secrets, Lomba has a website where under subscription he does the same.

Are there still those who still wonder how they dare with selfies and with short skirts?

Another subtle way to make clear your imposing physique and the results of that rhythm of life. And if the importance of sport in its existence has not yet been clear to us, Victoria teaches in passing one of the machines that she has in her home and that makes her sweat based on good.

Hopefully, it will be just having a machine at home, or a miniskirt or mood to take a selfie.

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