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While the major festivals and concerts were cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus, video games such as Fortnite or Minecraft have multiplied, for its part, the live sessions with virtual.

Recently, the american rapper Travis Scott has happened many times in the shooter video game popular Fortnite, which has more than 350 million players. Your avatar has even sung in front of a little over 12 million simultaneous players for their first representation in a spectacular staging in 3D, especially created for the occasion. A record that buries the score of the 10.7 million players were gathered in 2019 by the american DJ Marshmello.

If this practice concerts virtual musicians weft no date dʹhier, Duran Duran has performed in Second Life in 2006, while U2 has achieved in 2008, and accelerated in the containment. To make video games, not only of places for meetings and socialization, but even more from the entertainment areas.

The economic model remains to be found

In the game of Minecraft, this, for example, are the festivals that are organized with great success, as the Block-By-Blockwest recently, the programming of which is the punk-rock with groups such as Idle or Pussy Riot. Or, maybe, from 9 to 12 July, the Delirium of the Family Block Festival that will be programmed more than 1000 artists such as DJ swiss Luciano, but who is going to pay. The economic model of these events remains, however, to find, because most of these concerts are organized by volunteers.

But what is it that these concerts are virtual in addition, that attract millions of people? According to Yannick Rochat, scientific collaborator in the faculty of humanities of the EPFL and co-founder of the university of lausanne GameLab, “the special feature of these concerts is that they can be live connected with the world and with a lot of opportunities that we are not in real life. For example, we may go on stage or to see the artists that do not occur in their city (…) at the beginning, for the first concerts of Fortnite, there was a scene, but now there are more of them. Now, the scene, this is the game”.

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