VIDEO. Kanye West announces his new album with the single accelerated “wash us In The Blood”


The first single from his tenth album to come see a collaboration with Kanye West, including cast and biblical music in a threatening tone.

Kanye West is for once in the time. Which was released on Tuesday, June 30, as announced yesterday, the first single from her upcoming album The god’s own Countrythat it is not yet known the release date. The only Wash Us In The Blood, with rapper Travis Scott as a guest, as an enchantment, biblical, Kanye appellant on several occasions Jesus to purify humanity.”wash“our sins in his own blood. The piece concludes with a call to the gospel “the holy spirit descend“in the path of their last album gospel Jesus is the King launched in October 2019.

In his words, the rapper evokes the “genocide“and “slavery“African-americans, sentenced them to be drug dealers or gangsters, but the rapper also made her paranoid as usual, the rhyme about the people mysterious: “They are trying to control You / They want me to calm me/ don’t want that I’m a Kanye / don’t want Kanye to be Kanye/ they want to sign a fake Kanye, who are trying to sign a Kanye calmed down.” Long with the support of the president of Triumph, he carried the horns to the media, in the rhymes “You know that it is fake if it’s in the news.”

The clip that accompanies it, a quick assembly and volunteered to project images of fans, the police officers, the dancers, and the violence, it is signed by the producer Arthur Jafa.

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This first extract from his tenth studio album, baptized The god’s own Country (The God’s own Country) is mixed by Dr. Dre and co-produced by Kanye West, BoogzDaBeast, Ronny J, FNZ and Dem Jointz.

Despite its biblical elements, Wash Us In The Blood announces a musical tone closer to his album Yeezus (2013), with a rate of tribal fast-paced and a whirlwind of screams, sirens, and sounds threatening representative of the voltage present in the united States, following the death of George Floyd.


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