VIDEO. Kanye West reiterates its support for Donald Trump for his office


Rapper Kanye West and Donald Trump when they met at the White House — Capital Pictures /Starface

Kanye West has reiterated its support for the american president Donald Trump, during a special edition of its celebration,
usually Sunday, but held this time on Saturday in Salt Lake City.

“I’ve never taken a decision based on my skin color. It is a form of slavery, the mental slavery “, he launched at the crowd, as the relays the reporter Hunter Schwarz on his Twitter account.

Anti-social network

The rapper, whose album Jesus Is King is still waiting, then taken to the social networks.

“Don’t read the comments on the networks. People don’t know you like that. Social networks are made to make you think more slowly. They want to slow you down and control you “, he added.

This last office to Kanye West gathered between 7.000 and 10.000 fans after the NME.

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