Virgil (Angels 12) proving to have been interned in a psychiatric hospital


While the rumor became more and more persistent, Virgil revealed that he had indeed been interned in a psychiatric hospital. But for the time being, it is impossible to know what has led to his support.

The rumor was so true. For several weeks, information was circulating, according to which Virgil, candidate iconic Angels of reality tvhad been interned in a psychiatric hospital in Dijon. A new that had divided the Canvas into two : those who were screaming at the fake news and those who, on the contrary, were concerned for the ex-Hillary. But after several weeks of silence, the main concerned himself comes to put an end to the debate. In his Story Instagram, he relayed an article of BlogueurTVR announcing his internment. “True article”says it in the caption, adding : “Benevolent even if I have had a few health concerns.” On the other hand, no indication was given regarding the reason for his hospitalization. Still, it had been a few months that the Ch’ti did not appear in his plate. After falling out with his faithful friends: Thomas and Lakhdar, he had announced on his social networks to withdraw definitively from the reality tv.

Virgil stops permanently the tv

First, it is with a sense of humor that he had announced the new. In fact, Virgil was immortalized in front of the premises of Pôle Emploi. A few days later, he was however shown a lot more serious. “I shut off the tv, stop and end. Enjoy to see me in The Angels 12 because after, you will not see me“he warned on his social networks. An announcement which was surprising since it had been revealed in Moundir and apprentices adventurersthe candidate had multiplied the television appearances. The Marseille and les Ch tis VS the Rest of the World, Thees Marseille South America, The Princes and Princesses of love 1of The Villa of Broken Hearts or The battle of the couples 2 : there are more programs in which he appeared. A life of a hundred in an hour that he seems to be struggling to manage now…


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