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In this may 4, 2020, LucasArts and Disney are celebrating the existence of the saga, intergalactic the most popular in the world, Star Wars. May the force be with you !

Star Wars : Star wars is a saga that is timeless. Since 1977 and the release of the first film of the franchise, A New Hopethe work of the visionary George Lucas has continued to transcend generations, fascinating millions of kids (and adults !), while knowing how to reinvent itself. Divided into three trilogies, the saga Star Wars has gathered a strong fan base of pop culture (alongside the generation Harry Potter and other followers of Marvel & company). Even so, it is necessary to admit the legitimacy of some of his films is often subject to many debates…

For many, the episodes IV (A New Hope), V (The Empire Strikes Back) and VI (The Return of the Jedi) forming the original trilogy, are the best. Others have grown up with the prélogie, (I, The Phantom Menace ; II, Attack of the Clones ; III, The Revenge of the Sith), launched at the beginning of the years 2000 with everything that he follows (the digital, the special effects… have become kitchs). Finally, these two trilogies complement each other rather well and above all, they were the fruit of the spirit, the perfectionist, an author, Lucas himself.

In the machine

In 2012, thunderclap. Disney announces the acquisition of the franchise (to about 4.05 billion dollars), and confirms in the wake of the start of production of a ton of movies. First of a new trilogy, in order to “conclude” the saga Skywalker. These three films are now released and digested. There’s a nostalgic (The Awakening of the Force), the risk-taking that have not been unanimity (The Last Of The Jedi), and a final half-tint (The Ascent of Skywalker). Led by two filmmakers to ideas radically opposed to – the well-named J. J Abrams and Rian Johnson – this saga ended in a form of incomprehension in general.

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In addition to the few film spin-off studded by Disney (Rogue One, Solo: A Star Wars Story) and a series event (The Mandalorianlaunched on the new platform juggernaut Disney +), the adventures of Mickey Mouse in the Space have not necessarily had the echo hoped. Too many want to take the speed of light, the candor of Lucas seems to be lost.

Fortunately, Star Wars does not extend as in the cinema. This brand is also the epicenter of the cultural industry : the video games, music, television and other amusement parks, and conventions which bring together each year hundreds of thousands of fans. This year, containment forces, Star Wars adapts and famous… at home.

The digital to the rescue

If in normal times, we could expect a nice program to celebrate the may 4, not like the other (May the 4ththat translates language Star Wars as May the Force (Be With You), skillful), the health crisis, current forces the event to adapt. As well, Disney has provided a lot of small “gifts” for fans informed.

In addition to the presence of The Mandalorian, Disney + just posted for the occasion on the last episode of the animated series cult of the saga, The Clone Wars. On the side of the video games, be aware that LucasArts has teamed up with your consoles favorite to offer discounts on many games “softs” of the saga. Finally, you are invited to a virtual event entitled An Online Revelry : May the 4th Be With You and Revenge of the 5th (yet another pun fun). Q&A, live tweets, “encounters” with people who have approached almost as far to the saga… Find all the useful info by here.

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