Walt Disney dropped by the father of Disney+ party in the chinese TikTok


Kevin Mayer, the chief architect of the new service of streaming video Disney+ is preparing to leave the american group Walt Disney to direct TikTok, a very popular social network, online video, controlled by the chinese group ByteDance.

The announcement comes at a delicate time for the american giant recreation. In the midst of a crisis of the coronavirus, Disney has seen its profits collapse by 90% in the 1st quarter, revenue from its theme parks has collapsed, while its Disney service+, which has only 6 months of existence, has experienced a start-up in marching band, with at least 50 million subscribers around the world. Has Wall Street, the Disney action was down Tuesday, up 1.7% after the announcement of the departure of Mayer. The title gives up 20% since the beginning of the year.

The app TikTok seduced as much as the teens that Jane Fonda

Kevin Mayer, age 58, was previously the head of the branch international and direct services to consumers, who heads the new service, Disney+, as well as the platforms that Hulu and ESPN+. He will join TikTok from the month of June, according to a press release ByteDance, as the director of operations (Chief operating officer, COO) of the parent company and chief executive officer (CEO) of TikTok.

TikTok, a application of short videos (under 60 seconds), already very popular among teenagers, has expanded its user base in recent months, in favor of the containment measures taken to deal with the Covid-19. The app has been adopted by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, or even Jane Fonda, 82 years of age, as stars which have increased its reputation in the United States.

The application had 800 million users in January (according to DataReportal), and has been downloaded 65 million times by march and $ 56 million in April, according to the specialized site SensorTower.

An opportunity, “impossible to refuse”

Kevin Mayer “report directly to Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of ByteDance, and will be responsible for the international development of the group” TikTok, which he will oversee “sales, marketing, public relations, security, moderation of content and legal affairs”. In addition, at the level of the parent company, as operations director, he will conduct “the music, the video games and the emerging activities,” said ByteDance.

The american press were bound Tuesday evening the announcement of the departure of Kevin Mayer to the fact that it had long been considered as a serious candidate to succeed Robert Iger as ceo of Disney, but this post of CEO was eventually entrusted in February to Bob Chapek, former president of theme parks and business of derivative products Disney. “I was happy at Disney, but the magnitude of the opportunity that I was given was such that it was impossible to refuse,” said Kevin Mayer at the ‘New York Times’ without more details.


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