WandaVision : Scarlet Witch would have to face his mentor in the comics, the witch Agatha Harkness ?


And if that wasn’t a Witch, Scarlet was in charge of the various alternate realities seen in the trailer, but Agatha Harkness ?

In WandaVisionScarlet Witch is facing a coven of witches ! This series of Marvel’s destination Disney+, that she and her lover will be the heroes, which promises to be as crazy as it is surprising. Thanks to this innovative program, the MCU will allow you to dive head-first into a world of magic and esotericand us with them!!! For the time being, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsenhe was able to keep a clear mind, despite the fact that their powers are to distort the reality, and that the loss of his beloved in Avengers Infinity War the has affected a lot. However, not the last, as it leaks WandaVision indicates that is going to be at the heart of many alternative realities. However, according to a recent theory of Screen Rant, that could be due to Agatha Harkness !

Agatha Harkness

Credit : Marvel

Instead of being the fruit of the imagination and hallucinations of Wanda, could be a prison of Agatha Harkness, who in the comics is the mentor of the young woman. Even if this character has not been confirmed in the casting call, the secret role of the actress Kathryn Hahn (Bad Mothers) might well be this one ! However, it was registered under the name of “nosy neighbor”…. Instead of being your guide and benevolent aid for the use of his powers, the witch appears on the screen with the features that are deadly. After all, in the small world of the comedies and soap operas, which is part WandaVisionit is rare to find a sea of friendly ! But we have yet to discover why Agatha Harkness’t want to hurt Scarlet Witch. In another area, but always on the side of the series, it is virtually certain that Ms Marvel will resume the concept of time travelAvengers Final !

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