Warms to an incredible fans in a bikini ! Internet users was surprised !


Since mid-march and the beginning of our quarantine, there is one who has great fun in his account of Instagram, it is Enora Malagré.

In fact, over the days, the pretty blond goes there from its small plates, and very fun, even to dig up old photos to make people laugh to their subscribers, but also sometimes during sleep.

Enora Malagré in a bikini on Instagram

We already knew from a long time ago, but the ex-companion of Cyril Hanouna is pretty well done, in addition to having the full head.

When the young woman had always had a perverse pleasure in demonstrating to his critics that was not only physical, it does not remain about less proud of their curves, as shown in the last photo he posted on his account Instagram.

In this photo, particularly beautiful, the host was amused by his airs of a James Bond Girl, in the face of this I remember a holiday in a very ” hot “.

“The office of the legends 4 : ‘last summer, when I was a James Bond Girl’ ” , indicated in the legend with a sense of humor.

Their subscribers have not been slow to respond to this photograph, clearly delighted with what he had under the eyes. As well, the compliments were showering, some already thinking of Enora Malagré as a future actress of hollywood action movies.

  • “But what is a mermaid ! “
  • “What kind, but where is the vodka Martini in the shaker and not the spoon ? “
  • “Halle Berry is nothing in comparison “
  • “A beautiful weapon of mass destruction against 007 ! “
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An avalanche of good words which have no doubt that many liked the blonde. And if one day it no longer recipe to the television or the radio, it could well be that she has found a new vocation.

Enora is revealed as a girl

There are 4 days, is in another context that the facilitator had revealed a new photo of her, at the age of 17 years.

In fact, in the last few weeks, Enora Malagré love outside of the clichés of his past, to the point of naming this event ” The Office of the Legends “, the same name as the hit series.

The story does not say whether the former-columnist of the TPMP is a fan or not, but one thing is for sure, your vintage camera has not failed to react to their subscribers.

  • They were able to discover Enora Malagré to 17 years of age, sitting in front of a piano, even though she was preparing for the entrance exam at the conservatory, according to his own confession.
  • Your subscribers, always very close to the young man, replied with some jokes about his haircut, half-way between Madame de Sévigné and Nelly Olson from ” Little House on the Prairie “.

“The office of the legends 3, my legend of the day ’17 years ago, when I was training for the conservatory’ #bureaudeslegendes #glenngould #fourireduregarddepressif #larobe “.

Fortunately, you need more than that to unseat Enora Malagré, always full of self-criticism, and did not hesitate to make fun of himself in the company of his admirers.


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