we read ” the Ballad of the Snake and the Bird singer “


It is paradoxical but it is as well : we can find comfort in literature, post-apocalyptic period proto-apocalyptic. For this, the new volume of “the Hunger Games” falls at point named : welcome to the totalitarian society of Panem, which once a year organizes Games where twenty-four teenagers from the twelve “districts “ faced death and live on television, expiatory victims of the rebel war and entertainment for the bourgeois of the “Capitol “.

The output of the “Hunger Games” is, above all, a good news for the world of the book. Because this pad could well be the locomotive in the libraries, the sentence, after two months of confinement. A decade ago yet no one could have predicted the scale of the phenomenon. ” We bought some trifles with big doubts. Is it that it was not too violent ? “, entrusted to The ” Obs ” Xavier Almeida, director of collection at PKJ (Pocket Jeunesse). The sales figures huge (2.5 million copies in France, 100 million in the world), the adaptation to success in the film and the career arrow of Jennifer Lawrence are gone : today the dystopia is a sub-genre dense literature young adult. Then, when “Hunger Games” returns, this is no longer the same story, as reported by Xavier Almeida :

“I feel like embarked on a mission for the CIA. Text delivered three months before the release, translator confined in advance to translate everything in time, m

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