Wejdene and Eva Queen: the two singers in the middle of war?

The two stars Wejdene and Eva Queen seem to have a tooth against each other. However, the reasons are still unclear!

The two singers Wejdene and Eva Queen are at war. And we just found out more about the origin of this conflict.

We have known for a few months now that there is electricity between Wejdene and Eva Queen. So, last December, during an interview with Youtuber Michou, Coco’s performer did not hesitate to tackle Jazz’s little sister.

Indeed, she swung that Eva Queen was the person who was the most unsupported in the music industry. The young woman also confessed that she could not stand the way she was.

Of course, the Youtuber took precautions. Her rival’s first name was paged at the editing. However, the bloggers are unanimous: this is Eva.

What is surprising is that, for her part, she had not stopped praising Wejdene. She even gave him some advice: “I told her it was great, that she had to keep going like this and that she wouldn’t let herself be trampled on! And that she doesn’t listen to the critics especially, because when you start there are criticisms, always. She would ask me questions, ask me if some things were normal. The more you’re criticized at first, the more you’re going to walk. Because people are jealous and always need to comment. »


According to blogger Nabil, it all comes down to Magali replacing Eva Queen with Wejdene in her agency. Thus, the young woman took over her product placements and was even highlighted in Les Marseillais.

« Even if they don’t make the same music, they are competing (…) If Wejdene hadn’t appeared a few months ago, Eva would have been nominated for the NRJ Music Awards. (…) I think it was all this accumulation, which made it a little bit out after the NRJ Music Awards. He added.

But to this is added another hypothesis. Indeed, according to the Instagram @clasht.vshow, everything would have started from the fact that Wejdene copied Eva Queen enormously.

Indeed, the account swung several photos of the interpreter of Black Heart, with different styles. Then the pictures of Wejdene. It is clear that the latter was inspired by it. The dates indicate that Jazz’s sister published them long before

Very quickly, fans of the pretty brunette made montages. Feuneu’s protégé then replied that she was the one imitating her. Case to follow then!

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