what she banned Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston !


According to some rumors, Angelina Jolie reportedly banned Brad Pitt to present their children to his ex Jennifer Aniston. But why is that so ?

Angelina Jolie jealous of Jennifer Aniston ? A source claims that the interpreter of Lara Croft would have been after the ex of Brad Pitt. It would have so is blackmailing this last… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Brad Pitt, muzzled by his future ex-wife, Angelina Jolie ? According to recent rumors, she would have forbidden to present Jennifer Aniston one of his children.

Then separated from Jennifer Aniston for several years, the two former are closer than ever. At the point of stoking the animosity of Angelina Jolie.

According to a source Life & StyleAngie would be so after Brad and Jen. “It [lui] not to apply Jen or any other womanas long as the divorce is not finalized “.

For Angelina Jolie, the divorce still seems hard to swallow. The actress behind the role of Lara Croft would have even said to Brad : “I’ll make your life a hellif you’re not listening to me “.

It is to be effective. According to the mysterious source at the origin of this rumor, “Brad describes this as a nightmare without end, which he can not wake up “.

Angelina Jolie: what she banned Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston !

Angelina Jolie: what she banned Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston !

Angelina Jolie jealous ? It threatens Brad to ” make his life a living hell “

But this is not all. Angelina Jolie would be the star of Fight Club plays for almost 4 years !

“It’s been almost 4 years and Angie is always trying to control it. She drags feet and seems to do everything she can to make the divorce more complicated as possible “.

This being the case, the husband of Angie seems closer than ever to Jennifer Aniston. In the Face of this bond, Angelina Jolie would be so tried to fly their relationship is shattered.

“It was hoped that by refusing an agreement and making threats about her children, she would be able to separate Brad and Jen “. Angie would therefore be a manipulative ?

Nothing is less sure. Yes, the magazine Gossip Cop has already claimed that these rumors were false.

Case to followso…