When do they do the Tokyo Olympics? The scenarios studied in the IOC


The pandemic coronavirus changed the scenario completely. After recent reports of the World Health Organization, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, held a video conference with Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, in which they agreed to the postponement of the Olympic Games of Tokyo by 2021.

“President Bach said that he agreed 100 percent and we agreed to celebrate the Olympic Games for the summer of 2021”. announced the representative japanese before the press. In the meeting also said this Mori Yoshiro, chairman of the Organising Committee for Tokyo 2020; the minister olympic, Hashimoto Seiko, the governor of Tokyo, Koike Yuriko; the president of the Coordination Commission of IOC, John Coates; Director General of the IOC, Christophe De Kepper; and the Executive Director of the Olympic Games to the IOC, Christophe Dubi.

Against this background, the first speculation is that a likely date for the completion of the appointment maximum of the sport would be during the summer japanese, as it was scheduled for 2020 (from 24 July to 9 August 2020). However, Bach left posed a much larger picture.

“This is not summarized only to the summer months. All options are on the table, both before and during the summer (boreal), 2021”, warned the leader of the olympic during a press conference.

Bach confirmed the development from this Tuesday a working committee especially designed to communicate with the 33 federations in order to find the best possible scenario within an international agenda is very loaded. “The first stage is to see with them what the options are. We must also take into account the sporting calendar around the Olympic Games”added.

In the wake of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, tournaments like the european Championship or the Copa America, which were foreseen for this year, were postponed to 2021 (11 June to 11 July). In addition, they are scheduled for the next year, the world athletics in Eugene, united States, from the 6th to the 15th of August and the swimming in Fukuoka, Japan, 6 July to 1 August.

“There are thousands of questions to answer. It is an unprecedented challenge. But I’m sure that we can go out later to do some wonderful Games. This working group will determine a new date as soon as possible. The agreement is that the Games take place no later than the summer of 2021. From here our group is to draw the complete picture. There are not ruled out any option, nor to celebrate it in the spring. We do not restrict ourselves only to the summer months,” said Bach.

The Monday, World Athletics, the international federation of athletics, said last Monday it began talks with the organizers in the united States to try to postpone the competition.

Another topic of discussion is put on the Olympic Village, as a good portion of the apartments were sold to japanese citizens. “It is a question that now has no answer. The Olympic Village is where you beat the Games but as I said everyone will have to make sacrifices”, limited to say the president of the IOC.

“The question was whether Japan could offer a secure environment to welcome the world’s athletes. At that time, we had an ever-growing confidence in the developments in Japan, seeing all of the measures they were taking, looking at the numbers, and we had the confidence that, in four and a half months, could be to provide these safe conditions. But, then, we had this big wave coming from the rest of the world and these developments very, very worrying, in particular in the last few days. Obviously, Africa is at the beginning of the spread of the virus, and the World Health Organization said a couple of hours that Africa has to prepare for the worst. We see that the numbers increase in many other parts of the world,” explained the leader at the time of arguing the reasons that led to postpone the Olympic Games.


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