Who are the main French voices in the video game ?


Their faces are most of the time unknown, and this goes hand in hand with their core business : they are the voice actors, they are voices, rarely of the body.

A couple of days ago, the legendary Patrick Poivey, the voice actor of Bruce Willis, but also Mickey Rourke, Tom Cruise, or Kyle MacLachlan in ” Twin Peaks “, we left. The emotion was great, the evidence of the importance of a voice in the career of an actor or a movie with us. It’s the same in the video game, as was confirmed very recently there are No Straight Roads and its incredible cast of voices (Céline Monsarrat, alias Bulma in Dragon Ball, and the French voice of Julia Roberts among other big names). So we wanted to highlight five profiles, three women and two men, without whom the video game in French would not be the same.

Credit : Françoise Cadol

Françoise Cadol

She is Sandra Bullock from Demolition Man, 1993, Tilda Swinton and Michelle Yeoh, but as Mary Alice Young, narrator of Desperate Housewives. His career, which began at the end of the years 80, the leads on the boards of the theatre, with Julie Lescaut, or even at Ghibli (Yasuko Kusakabe, the mother of the sons of My Neighbor Totoro). But Françoise Cadol is also a great, great voice from the universe of the video game. Its early days, is done with the Phantasmagoria, an adventure game of horror developed and published by Sierra Online in 1995. But it is a year later than it reaches the fame : she is, in fact, chosen to be the French voice of Lara Croft, and is still in the 2014 and the launch of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Between the two, nothing less than the voice acting of Angelina Jolie in the adaptation of the game on the big screen, but also Worth, Command & Conquer, Dead Space, Star Wars : The Clone Wars and the role of Madison Paige in heavy Rain. One of the CV of the richest in the profession.

Credit : Donald Reignoux

Donald Reignoux

Jesse Eisenberg, Paul Dano, Jay Baruchel, Adam Brody, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Casey Affleck… It’s pretty simple : the CV of the actor and, above all, bender Donald Reignoux is a dazzling who’s who of hollywood cinema. It must be said that he knows how to do it, since it was started in the profession in the decade of the 90’s, at the age of only ten years. And in terms of cinema as a video game, it is a voice that counts. He is best known for having lent his voice to Sora in the first two Kingdom Hearts, but also that of Delsin Rowe in inFamous: Second son, Spider-Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Lúcio in Supervision, Connor in Detroit to Become Human, or that of the radio announcer of the Diamond City in Fallout 4.

Credit : Kelly Marot

Kelly Marot

She is 33 years of age, but already almost twenty years of experience in the field of dubbing. Kelly Marot is the French voice regular of Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning, Sophie Turner and Margaret Qualley, but also of Wax in The Little Dinosaur and The Valley of Wonders, for the second dubbing, in 2002, as well as many of the suites directly video outputs. And in game terms ? Your first experience is one of-Inch-Inch Saves the Zoo, 1995 (we have not played, let’s be honest), but seven years later, she is Kairi in Kingdom Hearts and then Violet in the adaptation of the Incredible. Since it is a no-fault : League of Legends (Fiora & Zoe), BioShock Infinite (Elizabeth), Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Kan-E-Senna & Tataru), Resident Evil 2 Remake (Claire Redfield) and, Death Twisted (Breast). Respect.

Credit : Pierre Hatet

Pierre Hatet

Pierre Hatet, who died in the year 2019, was an actor, and a great, which are particularly active in the field of the dubbing. He is best known for being the French voice, Back to the future, Christopher Lloyd (“nom de Zeus Marty !”), but it was also Bark Less and the Cortex, and the voice of the message of the series Mission : Impossible (“good morning, Mr. Phelps”). His fame in the field of video games, is a feat : the voice of the Joker in most of tv series, animated films and games of the franchise Batman, he managed through his talent to get close to the heights reached by Mark Hamill in the same role, often cited as the best performer after Jack Nicholson himself. And as if that weren’t enough to include in the legend, he was also the narrator of the game of Diablo in 1998. He will be remembered still.

Credit : Laura White

Laura White

Laura White regularly follows the French dubbing of Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, Underworld), Cobie Smulders (in the films of the Marvel universe), and Jennifer Garner. It is also the VF of Asajj Ventress in the series of the Clone Wars. And in our consoles, it is Nova (Heroes of the Storm), Chloe Frazer (the entire saga of Uncharted), Leliana (Dragon Age Origins, 2, Inquisition), became involved T Soni (Mass Effect), or even Sona (League of Legends), as well as the sorceress of Diablo III. Who says that the best ? There is a big world.

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