Who is Karen Gillan ? Biography , career and private life


Identified as well in series like Doctor Who in Jumanji in cinema, the actress of 32 years has managed to establish itself as a talented actress. All records seem to agree, as she has also excelled in the Guardians of the galaxy 3. Next star Pirates of the Caribbeanthis actress seems to be following the path of success.

Karen Gillan : who is she ?

Karen Gillan was born on 28 November 1987 in Scotland and grew up in the city of Inverness. His passion for the cinema will be very early since it decides as soon as the high school of becoming an actress. Her parents encouraged her in this way. Thanks to their support, it will integrate quickly the Telford College in Edinburgh to take up his first course. Then, she completes her training at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. With this solid base, she will be able to interpret the roles of the craziest.

During these studies, it will be picked up by a modeling agency. It will then have the opportunity to participate in the London Fashion Week in 2007. Even if this success is interesting, the girl will not change lanes. Determined to become an actress, modeling is only a supplementary activity.

She excels in her studies as she manages to get a role in the series Rebus in 2006. It is the beginning of success, since it was not until two years later that will incorporate the hit series Doctor Who. At the same time, she also joined the project Kevin Bishop Show. It will, therefore, explore a range of roles, very different, interpreting the stars, which earned him the recognition of the profession.

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The career of Karen Gillan

An actress of many talents

After joining Doctor Who during the 11th season, the actress will multiply the rewards. The role ofAmy Pondthe travel companion of the famous dr. him win several awards for best actress. It is from this time that her career takes off in England.

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It will also become the main actress of the horror series The Well. The small screen makes the soft eyes but the actress wants to go even further.

The film debut, are pretty shy. It appears in small roles in movies New Town Killers in 2008 and Outcast in 2010.

John McKay the will choose for his film Not Another Happy Ending and greet both the talent and the personality of the young Karen Gillan.

It will have to wait until 2014 to get a major role in his career as it will join the Guardians of the Galaxy. The director James Gunn choose to interpret the girl robot of Thanos. Sister of Gamora, the character is of the most important of this film.

Subsequently, Karen Gillan will multiply the number of roles exciting with an appearance in The Big Short : the heist of the century 2015. The beautiful scottish has become a must for producers who do not hesitate to use it for movies very varied. Hollywood and the public love it.

Her life as an actress is accelerating as the roles are linked together at high speed. In 2017, it will share the poster with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in the excellent The Circle. She will also join Dwayne Johnson in the modern version of Jumanji : Welcome in the Jungle. It was delight to join a project that does not dénaturait not the original version, with Robin Williams.

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In 2018, it has the chance to participate in the lavish film Avengers : Infinity War. Having managed to convince in the Guardians of the Galaxyit was logical that it should be there, alongside all the super-heroes to fight Thanos. It therefore incorporates the role of Nebula for the two-part series of films Avengers , Infinity War, and Endgame

In regards to its future projects, the reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean done already a lot of talk. If it was originally intended to overshadow Jack Sparrowit seems that the two stars will share the poster for the next episode. Of what to delight the fans of this production Disney. Remains to be seen how these two hackers will be able to collaborate and adventure together.

Excellent debut as a director for Karen Gillan

But Karen Gillan is not only an actress. It will go behind the camera as screenwriter and director. His first short film Coward had the chance to be a part of the selection process Film Festival Edinburgh 2015. His two appointments indicate that his talents are evident in this new fiscal year.

The short film Conventional has largely contributed to its fame. In fact, Karen Gillan will be rewarded the price of the best hope for women The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Mirror. Suffice to say that this recognition reinforces her desire to explore the movie behind the camera.

She will embark on his first feature film the following year. This drama takes place in the hometown of scotland. The plans in the Highlands are beautiful. This film titled The Party is only beginning has been nominated for the British Academy Scotland Awards.

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The private life of Karen Gillan

Since his participation in the film The Mirrorthe actress has left the Scotland native to settle in the United States. Since the star is enjoying his new mode of life.

The beautiful would have recently married in the strictest privacy. A new page should be written for this actress who has always said they want to start a family. This union marks the beginning of a life still more busy. The pandemic of covid-19 has had an impact on his personal life. The young actress has decided not to postpone this event. As she shares her life with her companion for years, so she decided to unite with him for life.

If it communicates very little about his personal life, his friends say that the beautiful has never been so in love. The fans are so divided between the congratulations and the envy to see this beautiful actress to leave the list of singles.

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