why is so much pressure in Hollywood ?


As an actress in black Hollywood, Zendaya felt a huge pressure. The young man speaks, then, of this “great responsibility”.

A result of the movement Black Lives Matter, Zendaya then took the word to refer to his own case. Because of their color of skin, the actress of 23 years feels a a huge pressure in Hollywood. MCE TV tells you everything from a to Z !

The recent the murder of George Floyd it appears as the trigger of a real movement of struggle against racism.

The stars are moving then, through the world in order to see that justice is done. However, one feels much more complicated than the other.

You will understand, therefore, it is of the very famous Zendaya. Asactress black Hollywoodshe felt a lot of pressure !

From the top of your 23 yearsthe young woman feels compelled to act. And, for once, she doesn’t do things by half.

I have a great responsibility on my shoulders, but… I appreciate it. Because with this, I can do a lot of good and I know that look.”

In fact, Zendaya to make a difference !

Zendaya: why the actress feels so much pressure in Hollywood ?

Zendaya: why the actress feels so much pressure in Hollywood ?

Zendaya: an actress who is black in Hollywood

Strong of its notoriety, Zendaya desire, therefore, to convey the right messages. Then it says more about the actions that leads to the daily.

“Now, more than ever, and, in particular, with the movement BLMI feel obligated to keep me informed.”

“And I put the right things in accordance with the organizers and the people who are on the ground.”

“Being a young actor of Disney, this is something. Be a young black womanit is something more.”

“And then, be very hard on yourself, is another thing. It is only a fear of personal“. Zendaya feels therefore, very concerned about the issue.

In addition, the american actress will soon resume the filming of the hit series The euphoria. We love it !