Why Jameela Jamil said that your work is done ” when it comes to call Kim Kardashian


“I have not tried to cancel Kim K. I have always tried to give you the knowledge needed to recognise that this is an expectation of fucking women, developed by the patriarchy. “

It seems Jameela Jamil’s the days of criticism of the Kardashian’s have gone.

Wednesday, “The right place “ the star took to Instagram to announce that she no longer expects to call Kim Kardashian to the standards of beauty,” very impossible “, claiming that their fans have already recognized ” the expectation of a shit about Kim toward women.”


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Jameela, 34, shared a screenshot of a video that Kim has recently published that was the star of reality tv showing her tiny waist in a corset nude casting. According to Jameela, has received “more than 1000″ direct messages from fans asking him to respond to the message of Kim. The fact that his followers have come to them,” said Jameela, shows that their “job done”.

“I have received more than 1 000 DM asks me to answer this question. The reason why you don’t jump on it right away is not because I do not believe that the message is harmful and disappointing.
This is due to the fact that you send me all about it, shows that my work is done ” , has begun Jameela. “I have not tried to cancel Kim K. I have always tried to give you the knowledge needed to recognise that this is an expectation of fucking women, developed by the patriarchy. ”

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She continued: “If YOU know that this is problematic, simplistic and irresponsible to perpetuate a standard of beauty impossible for their fans impressionable … then you are self-conscious, and don’t need me. “

Waiting for your permission to upload media Instagram.

The host of The “Misery Index” was then accused Kim of having “decades of problems with body image and obsession” that have been ” permanently perpetuated by the way in which the media have pored over, she and her sisters, in their appearances “.

“She does not try to actively harm. She is so hurt and deceived into thinking that this is the way it must be like to be beautiful and special and speaks to their subscribers,” said Jameela. “What is wrong? YES. But I’m not sure that she realizes that she is other that his idols had made him, into believing that a tiny waist is the key of femininity and sex-appeal. We have grown up in the era of Heroin Chic, you look at it as a drug addict dying of hunger, then, go from this … to be intimidated by their world, by the world? This toxicity in someone who is smart and knows better, it is a sign that it is an evil that she can’t stop doing. ”

“It is therefore useless to him yelling,” said Jameela. “The smart thing to do is to protect you. YOU have the power. YOU are in control of each market. YOU choose what and who is fashionable. “

The british actress has concluded his message with a call-to-action for your fans.

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“Don’t follow people who tell you things that hurt your self-esteem,” she writes. “Do not let the debris of your damage will spill over onto you. Do not follow people / brands that do not make you feel powerful and happy and thankful for what you have. You are the boss and none of them is shit without you. ”


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Jameela he has been an outspoken critic about approvals of Kim and her family star in the reality in the past, in particular those related to weight loss supplements and teas diet. In an interview with The New York Times last year, Kim and her mom Kris Jenner has responded to criticism of Jamil.

“I don’t live in this space of negative energy,” said Kris. “Ninety percent of the people are going to be very excited about the family and the trip and what we are. “

Kim added: “If there is a very easy job that does not take away our children, it is as a high priority, if someone is faced with the same employment opportunities, I think that could be considered. You are going to get a backlash for almost everything, as long as you want or that you believe in it or that it is economically worthwhile, regardless of your decision, as long as you’re okay with that. ”

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