Why Music Stars Aren’t Focusing On Their Next Album


“Money is not in music”, notes the Wall Street Journal, and artists are now embarking on “fashion shows”, or “selling rosé”.

Rihanna’s latest promotional campaign? “The teasing in the media” , “an official announcement on July 14 on Instagram viewed 4 million times and messages (on) Twitter” , says the  Wall Street Journal.  Then the singer ended up releasing to her “hungry” fans“the wait is soon over”.

But think again. The star, who  “hasn’t released an album or a solo single for four and a half years, ” was not looking to sell a new album. “His ninth album is in preparation” , but “nobody knows when it will actually be released”. The object of these teasings on social networks was the launch of a skincare line, explains the American daily. 

And Rihanna is not the only one: like her,  song  “superstars” “appeared more concerned with developing their brands than releasing (new pieces) of music” , notes the article. 

Between fashion shows, music contests and selling rosé, artists choose to follow (the path of) money – and the money is not in albums.

The business newspaper quotes Kanye West in particular, who  “this week announced an album but caused a bigger (media) storm when he unveiled a deal with Gap and said he would run for the US presidential election”  in November . Or Justin Bieber, whose  “last album” in February was the first he released “in over four years.”

Creating new albums is less important than harnessing your fame to start businesses that can increase profits, feed news-hungry fans, and extend fame beyond the increasingly shorter lifespan of careers. musical. This is a sign that the economics of the industry have changed (streaming isn’t as lucrative as CDs used to be, and there is no longer the stigma of “selling yourself”). 


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