Why Natalie Portman hates the French


Alert French bashing ! Natalie Portman keeps it a bitter taste of his two-year stay in Paris ? It would seem. When she relocated to Los Angeles, the actress has given an interview in the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and took the opportunity to say all the good it thinks of the rest of us. First complaint : we are too courteous ! Usually taxed of coarse, the French would be too polite to Natalie Portman, which would not be a good thing. She explains : “A friend explained to me that he had to say hello before you say anything when you arrive somewhere and wait for it to respond to you. If you enter a shop, you can not say right away, “Would you have this in another size ?” otherwise they will think you are ill mannered and will be malpolis with you. “The heroine of” Black Swan ” adds that the French are cold. “Everyone smiles a lot here. It’s nice. They are more cold in France. I had not realized that I was accustomed to until I get back here, and it surprised me. ”

The French think

Currently in full promotion of the film ” Planetarium “, Natalie Portman continues her French bashing in the columns of the ” Guardian “. “The French are in the judgment, especially in Paris, on your way to be, but also on your way you dress. You can’t wear sportswear in the street, wearing sandals, shorts, or bright colors. “If you forgive Natalie to have been homesick during his stay in France, we wondered, however, what her husband, French choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

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