With red lips! Mia Khalifa boasts white bodysuit with stockings

With red lips and white attire Mia Khalifa boasted her huge charms once again while using a bodysuit with stockings, she looked like a pretty well-kept girl, but those lips give her away.

For years the name Mia Khalifa is constantly news but not precisely because of her old work with which she began to have fame, but because today it seems that she returned to the same area with her OnlyFans many of her followers claim that the content she shares is very daring but not focused on the videos that were released in 2014.

When Mia Khalifa was recording films for adults in 2014 she decided to retire after 3 months of having started, leaving in the industry the content so eye-catching that to date it remains a favorite of the public, for the year 2015 was when it began to be more popular, to this day the model and entrepreneur is a social media celebrity on both Instagram and Twitter.


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Surely you know that as an entrepreneur Mia Khalifa launched a calendar with photographs in which she was the protagonist showing off in each of the images quite daring, she sometimes shared content of it on her Instagram account.

In the photograph she appears sitting in a studio, this is identified by the typical background of these places, Mia Khalifa is wearing a bodysuit with white lace and also white stockings with slight transparency, the most striking thing about the image is that she wears her red lips that immediately attract attention.

Its publication to this day has more than a million and a half like’s, as for the comments do not stop repeating to her how beautiful she looks in that outfit, 3 years ago this photo where Mia Khalifa looked younger surely makes her fans want to see more content of her without hesitation twice.

It seems that the publication I published on November 2, 2018, would be part of its calendar for 2019, however in its photography, it does not claim, it seems that this session was part of Patreon’s new content, it is a kind of OnlyFans that the model used before dabbling in the new application that certainly became more popular than the first.

As mentioned just 3 years ago that this image was published, at that time Mia Khalifa still looked a little more robust than today, although she has always been thin since we met her, for a few months she decided to change her habits and decided to exercise more, if a comparison was made today to what she looked 3 years ago we will see a big difference, so its content today can be said to be a little more interesting.

In her description, she is promoting Patreon’s page to acquire the content where she appears, plus she is giving credit to her photographer, few celebrities do that so she is so dear to be a grateful star.

To this day Mia Khalifa has just over 23 million 200 thousand followers, a figure that has increased since recently because days ago still had 23 million 100 thousand, surely this type of news excites any social media influencer because it gives them the opportunity for other companies to want to work with them to promote their products as the model has done at the time.

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