Without makeup, Kylie Jenner surprises by showing off without production

For the American entrepreneur and socialite Kylie Jenner, it is essential to wear makeup, because, it uses it both to do its daily activities, and to work, in its strenuous photo shoots, which presents us every time they are about to reach their brands, new items.

But, as incredible as it may seem, this is not the case, because now, kylie Skins owner has dedicated herself to showing herself on social media, mainly in Instagram stories without wearing a gram of makeup, so she has taught her face as it is and without any problem.

All in order to show her followers and potential customers, the beautiful results of her skincare products, which, as she mentioned the fourth season of new items is about to arrive, and can not be more exciting.

While we have noticed that this American celebrity, has appeared in her networks of the most positive, energetic, and careful, there has been no day that does not show us how she exercises, or the delicious and healthy snacks she consumes to stay healthy and fit.

We even know that even if you spend basically all hours of the day working, it’s occasionally a good idea to spend time with your friends and that better way to do this than with a night of pajamas and movies, just like what happened last night.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we saw her without makeup, and only by using a night moisturizer, because when meeting at home, it was not necessary to dress as quirkily, as usual.

Even though the young makeup tycoon has neglected cosmetics to spend a day at home, in her beauty routine have not missed the products of her facial care line, and each who has the opportunity, labels in her publications to the profile of her brand, to make it clear that the result of having the face so hydrated, fresh and so beautiful, are your own products.

Items ranging from lip scrubs, hand and face moisturizers, as well as night serums, there’s no doubt that the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan thinks of everything when it comes to creating her new items.

That is why, through her stories, the beautiful and charming Kylie sported her clean, hydrated, and hairy skin, demonstrating the effects of some of her face creams, which, it seems, is one of the best on the market right now, while flirting with all her followers with splendid white pajamas, with which she looked beautiful and comfortable welcoming her faithful friends inside her mansion.

We can’t deny that whatever you decide to wear the model, it will look great because it doesn’t need much to look perfect, whether it’s a stylized dress, an extravagant outfit, a bodysuit, or any printed garment, and now, even in pants and pajamas, we can say that in any outfit it looks phenomenal.

Something remarkable is its peculiar slippers, stuffed, and designer, as we can see, this footwear besides looking super comfortable, combines perfectly with its outfit as a night of movies, because it is wholesale, since all the other sets of her clothes, were white.

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