Wonder Woman 1984 : Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), using a new armor that is similar to that of Batman ?


When Diana Prince (Gal Gadotwill be back in cinemas on the 30th of September, has evolved a lot since his first solo adventure. The young ingenue in the film of 2017 you will become a warrior experienced in the world of menbut not only that ! Their psychological changes will be accompanied by a physical evolution majestic. In effect, the super-heroine of the DC universe takes an impressive golden armor called the Golden Eagle of the comics. Appeared in the trailer, this suit has been designed by designer Lindy Hemming, who has previously worked in the The Knight Of The Night Christopher Nolan ! However, this will be your single point in common, which Wonder Woman 1984 you will be closer to Marvel than DC.

Diana Prince
Diana Prince

For this reason, the armor of Wonder Woman and Batman are the same, as revealed by Patty Jenkins to Total Film. “It’s like the Batsuitor something of the same kind : they’re all in small pieces. A whole, as well as the armadillo, which means that the person can move and rotate, and the armature will return to its previous position. This said, it is nice to wear and no armor, whatever, it is nice to carry !“entrusted by the director in the interview. Knowing that Patty Jenkins had given Lindy Hemming the statement that the armor Diana has a look of “the formation of shields by a single woman, so that no one can attack“we can say that it is a success ! Subsequently, you will also find the Wonder Woman in Snyder”s Cut of The Justice Leaguealong with these many characters which have been removed in 2017.


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