Wonder Woman 1984 : Gal Gadot tease of a very different behavior of Diana Prince


After having responded to the rumors of romance LGBT between Diana Prince and Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot has also teasé a change to come for the super-heroine. In fact, in an interview granted to Total Film Magazine, the actress said : “In the first film, [Diana] it is actually like a fish out of its bowl. Coming from Themyscira in a world of men, finds and then learns that the complexity of human life”. Before proceeding with the introduction of innovations to come for the Wonder Woman in the new opus : In the Wonder Woman 1984, is really in place. It is wiser, and more mature. It is also more on guard, as he has lost all his friends through the years“.

Gal Gadot in the skin of the heroine Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot in the skin of the heroine Wonder Woman

And, then, to conclude : “But we always do what it takes. It is different from the last time he saw her“. Words that echo revealed a couple of months ago in the journal Extra. In fact, at this time, Gal Gadot had already been announced that great things come to Wonder Woman. “It is much stronger than at the time, she is much wiser, more mature and single and it is different. We see a time of your life that we have never experienced. And then something crazy happens and it will change the whole gameshe then said. This event could have a link with the return of Steve Trevor, brought back to life ? The mystery remains ! One thing is for sure, however, there will be action in the new game Patty Jenkins ! Because Diana Prince, stronger than ever, both physically and mentally, please do not hesitate to show its new face.


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