Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon because of Gal Gadot


In one night, all the posters have been removed from the streets of Lebanon. The film should be out this Thursday, June 1. Responsible for the boycott of all israeli products, the lebanese ministry of Economy and Trade had recommended in a press release to the general Security, to prevent the screening of the film. The ministry of Interior has finally decided to ban the blockbuster Wonder Woman due to the israeli nationality of Gal Gadot, the actress embodying the super-heroine to the screen.

This ban has been welcomed by a pressure group, an anti-israeli Campaign to boycott supporters of Israel in Lebanon, that has launched a campaign on social networks, calling on arab countries to prohibit this production. “Congratulations to all the worthy people in Lebanon, long live the boycott, long live the resistance”, wrote the promoter of this campaign Samah Idriss its page on Facebook, adding that the ban was “a blow to the normalization” with Israel.

“Oppose terrorism, cultural, Lebanon”

On social networks, activists in lebanon have denounced the censorship, calling on them to “oppose terrorism, cultural, Lebanon”. The israeli Defence minister, Avidor Lieberman, responded on Twitter: “It’s them who lose”.

In 2014, the actress portraying Wonder Woman had already defended himself on Facebook on the offensive deadly israeli against the Gaza strip. “I send my love to all israeli citizens, especially to those boys and girls who risk their life to protect my homeland against the dreadful acts carried out by the (islamist movement) Hamas, who is hiding like cowards behind women and children”. Born in Rosh HaAyin, near Tel-Aviv, Gal Gadot had done a military service of two years and she was a teacher at the battle for young recruits of the israeli army.

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In Lebanon, this is not the first time that a film in which she plays is boycotted. In 2016, a campaign of prohibition had been carried out against Batman v Superman for the same reason. The blockbuster had finally been released. Wonder Woman the other hand, is programmed in other arab countries such as Tunisia, the united arab Emirates, Algeria, or Egypt. Projections are provided in the course of the month of June.


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