Would Millie Bobby Brown ever regret not being blonde anymore?

Not long ago, Millie Bobby Brown regained her natural hair color. But she already seems to regret not being blonde anymore!

Millie Bobby Brown very often changes her look and has just regained her natural hair color. The very famous British already regrets her blonde period!

Very active on social networks, Millie Bobby Brown makes the happiness of her millions of fans. With it, Internet users don’t really have time to get bored.

They follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse, in search of new nuggets and crisp info. And for the time being, there are very often.

Between the photos of her shoots, behind the scenes of the shoots, beauty tips, and unpublished announcements, there is plenty to do. We love it!

As a result, the famous British actress of only 16 years has more than 42 million followers on Instagram, her favorite platform.

She thus appears as one of the most popular and influential stars of the moment. You have to believe that everyone loves it, and admires it!

And to the delight of her very large audience, Millie Bobby Brown has just fed her feed of a new exclusive photo.

She thus poses by holding her hair and then makes it clear to Internet users that she already regrets her blonde period.


Every day, Millie Bobby Brown feeds her Instagram feed with photos that are always more beautiful than the others. And Internet users love it!

It must be said that her shots are really beautiful and very original. The big-screen star doesn’t really have an Instagram account like the others. Hence the success of the latter!

On the morning of Friday, February 5, the Eleven performers in the huge hit series Stranger Things shared two new photos on the platform.

On the first, she holds her hair in the air, stares at the lens, and mesmerizes the web with her gaze. On the second, she holds the same position, but this time turns the eye away while pouting.

So there’s something that bothers her… And she explains what it is in the caption of the post. You will probably understand, Millie Bobby Brown regrets already not being blonde!

Not long ago, she decided to regain her natural color, but does not seem really satisfied … However, Internet users love it!

Seduced by the clichés, they then once again reacted en masse to their idol’s post. It already has more than 3 million likes!

Her fans thus confirm her choice and hope to reassure her. What do you think?

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