X-Men : Ryan Reynolds is embedded in the video meeting


For a charity event, Hugh Jackman invited his historical partners of “X-Men” in a virtual meeting. This was without counting on the unexpected appearance of Ryan Reynolds, and of course this wonderful meeting has been derailed…

Ryan Reynolds, the fixation of fucking shit of Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, is a story of friendship, slapstick, that lasts, for the greatest pleasure of the fans, which are a feast in front of your fights on social networks. Impossible for Hugh to express themselves on Twitter or Instagram without being troller by his friend Ryan, who also will be booking more or less the same treatment to Tom Holland. Don’t play the na├»ve, these moments of humour, obviously, are controlled and validated by the different parties. And more than a simple joke, turned into a small show recurring, as has been demonstrated once more with a firm root of Ryan Reynolds in a reunion video of the cast of the saga of X-Men. As usual, he came to put his grain of sand in a piece that seemed to be perfectly lubricated.

Deadpool is rejected by the X-Men

It is in the framework of a charity event that the cast of the first film X-Men, released in 2000. Therefore, to find in this video-conference, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry, and, of course, Hugh Jackman. The exchange of kindness until the unexpected arrival of Ryan Reynolds, eager to be there as his character of Deadpool and the movie X-Men Origins : Wolverine. And he cometh not alone, because after you have had a cold, what are Sophie Turner and James McAvoy, who came, in his turn !

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From there, the participants did not hide their discomfort and out of one-to-one meetingsthe pretext for the two of them a meeting of James Bond, on the other hand, a meeting of Star Trek, or Game of Thrones… This is a video review several times to see how the reactions of each and every one are fun, perfectly proportioned to leave you with the impression that it is the reality. Of course, with these actors and actresses, this short video is a sequence of humor, perfect !


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