Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer returns to talk about Japan and the launch of the new Microsoft console


Phil Spencer spoke again of Xbox Series X, Xbox in general and Japan during a podcast, in which he addressed the topic of complex relations between Microsoft and that area.

Xbox Series XJapan, and connections between the two were among the main topics of the speech by Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division in Microsoft, to the microphones of Gamertag Radio, who is a special episode had the opportunity to interview the number one Xbox to get some opinions also on the next arrival of the next-gen.

Spencer spoke above all of Japan and the desire to reconnect Xbox with this environment, underlined by his frequent travels in this area, explaining that he had to work to restore relations. “When I got into this role, what I saw was mostly third parties that jumped cleanlyXbox One without releasing games on the platform, “Spencer explained.” Actually there will continue to be examples of this type and each of them makes me suffer, but the most important thing I wanted to do once I entered this role was to return to be present in the area a couple of times a year, to keep in touch with the studios, to try their games and to make it clear that we want to commit ourselves to their global success “.

” I think one of the evident results of this action is the number of Japanese games that we were able to show at E3, “explained Phil Spencer, “and I’m very proud of how we managed to build a partnership relationship with many of those publishers.” Spencer realizes that in most cases it is cross-platform games, but the fact of being able to bring some of them into the Xbox presentations is already symbolic of the start of a new phase for Microsoft.

Another element to work on is the presence of Xbox in Japan, as well as the Japanese games on the platform. From this point of view, Phil Spencer has promised greater commitment in view of the launch of the Xbox Series X: “The position we currently have in Japan is unacceptable for me. We will certainly do a better job with the next launch of the Xbox Series X, avoiding huge waits for the arrival of the console and making sure that our services such as Game Pass and xCloud are present and functioning in this area “.

As for the development of exclusives, perhaps through the creation of Microsoft first parties in Japan or closer collaborative relationships, Phil Spencer said it’s possible: “I don’t announce anything specific, but I think the Japanese market is specifically important for the creativity it brings and I want Xbox to mean more than it does now” Spencer has reiterated that he expects that many other Japanese games will also jump net Xbox Series X and it is a bad thing, but that the plan is to make sure that these cases are increasingly rare in the future.

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