Xbox Series X: so amazing to see Minecraft on the new Microsoft console video Games


Minecraft is not a game that stands out for its graphics, but you’ll change your mind when you see what he is capable of making the console Xbox Series X.

The new console Microsoft there is a sophisticated system Ray Tracing, an algorithm for synthesis of three-dimensional images. A way to visualize their performance is by comparing the before and after scenarios Minecraftin that you will notice the details of the textures.

The youtuber Austin Evans had access to the Xbox Series X and was able to go a few matches of the demo of Minecraft.

The Xbox Series X highlighted in the market for their hardware DirectX Ray Tracing, that allows you to enhance the lights, shadows, and reflections of the animations.

PS5 | how Launch delayed?

The outbreak of coronavirus it extends throughout the industry gamer. Before the close of events and delays in the production of consoles, the experts believe that the COVID-19 will also affect the launch of the PS5 Sony.

According to ‘The Washington Post’, Launcher contacted 38 companies involved in the sector gamer, which include Nintendo and Sony. When asked about their current situation, these are referred who may have delays because of the lack of hardware.

Specifically, The Washington Post communicated with Rui Zhangceo of Lorom, company in charge of providing manufacturing of cable products and assembly of wire and that is one of the leading suppliers of Microsoft. According to Zhangthem “it would take probably between 2 or 3 months to recover”.



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