Younger than Philip! Queen Elizabeth’s husband lives duel

Unfortunately, the news in the UK does not stop, mainly for Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Duke Philip of Edinburgh, whom bad news would come, his heart would be the most affected to learn of this loss Can he resist?

As Queen Elizabeth II’shusband transcended, he remains under observation after undergoing treatment related to heart problems as he transcended in recent reports from Buckingham Palace, the royal was transferred to even another hospital to provide greater care.

However, in recent news, it was known that someone very close to the“duke” in addition to several years younger than him, lost his life. It is his friend and royal exaje, who departed on the same day that QueenElizabeth’s “consort” entered King Edward VII Hospital in London, the first in which he remained for a few days.

It was the commentator of real affairs Robert Jobson, in charge of spreading what would mean sad news for the father of“Prince Charles of Wales”, as reiterated by the journalist, in the midst of the health crisis he lives, to learn that he lost one of his collaborators whom he saw daily.

Unfortunately, the recent departure adds to the list of “several of the royal’s collaborators and friends” who have lost their lives,” he reported.

Meanwhile, the veteran “royal member” close to his 100th birthday tries to overcome the state of health that has led him to stay several days under observation.

First, it was thirteen days in the unit in central London, on 23 February at night, the “grandfather of princes” William and Harry, was transferred to “King Edward VII” after presenting certain unrest. Buckingham Palace reported that it was only part of a “precautionary measure.”

It was initially speculated that the “private counseland comrade of life of the monarch for 73 years, may have contracted the virus, a version that was ruled out by the official sources of the Queen’s residence, who clarified that she did not have Covid-19 but if they confirmed an “infection”.


Subsequently, it was known that for heart reasons he would be transferred to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, where doctors will continue to treat him for this pre-existing condition.

As it transcended, the Philip of Edinburgh remains in a unit specializing in such conditions, called “Barts Heart Centre”, Europe’s most important cardiovascular service, all seems to indicate that it has responded well to treatment until what palace sources have reported today. Today he faces his second week of admission to a new health center.

It was even in days gone by when Prince Charles of Wales would make a visit to his father, his “Royal Highness”, for an express request from him.

According to Dickie Arbiter, who served as press secretary at Buckingham Palace from 1988 to 2000, that the royal couple’s “first descendant” came to talk to his father about the future British Royal Family and particularly the role he will play in the coming years as head of British royalty.

He told his son that one day he would be the protagonist of the family, Arbiter said, in an intervention he starred in on the show “The Royal Beat”

In the midst of his statements, Arbiter wanted to join in the comments in which he expressed the best desires for recovery for the call originally, “Philip Mountbatten”, adding to the number of messages of affection that many people have sent him to this day, as the youngest of the Windsors, Prince Edward, “Duke of Wessex” who spoke of the “positive” attitude and the desire that his father has to return home would comment.

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