your little Stormi since it is ultra elegant !


Kylie Jenner dresses always of his daughter Stormi the top. Despite his young age, the girl is always super stylish in the photos.

Kylie Jenner became a mother there has only been two years. From their union was born a daughter : Stormi. And the mom is totally gaga for his daughter. Folds up into four to meet your desires. But what she loves above all is the dress.

When one is a woman and has a daughter, we want to convey to you all that we love. But also to be pampered ! Then, the american star dressed her daughter in the forefront of fashion. She loves to find small clothing itself, but also the beautiful hairstyles.

We see in his last photo from Instagram the little girl and is chewable. Stormi is adorable. We see drawn up for the occasion. Her hairstyle is really very successful. The hair back with a small barrette and pretty curls, everything is perfect.

And your look too ! Kylie Jenner was super well-chosen her clothes this morning. She is immortalized with a photo where she writes : “my baby “. So we can see the girl was wearing a little white shorts, a t-shirt with the scriptures, and a beautiful jean jacket.

Kylie Jenner: their small Stormi poses in a team of ultra-modern !

Kylie Jenner: their small Stormi poses in a team of ultra-modern !

Kylie Jenner : no fault of their own, in the eyes of the Stormi

And the girl is beautiful from head to toe. Takes beautiful sneakers that will go perfectly with your outfit. Is a without fault on the taste in dress of the young mother. We don’t know what to think Stormi, but we love the set in its entirety !

In short, a no-fault Kylie Jenner. But good girl prefer of course to go and play in the garden ! Today, she is fixed on his little bike in the Snow Queen ! Even his helmet is the color of the animated film.

What is for sure is that Kylie Jenner paid a lot of attention to her daughter who is the apple of his eye. And one is never disappointed by their choice of attire regularly publishes in social networks.