your photo is full of love with your little Stormi !


In your account of Instagram, Kylie Jenner has shared a photo where she revealed all the love he had for his adorable daughter, Stormi !

This Wednesday, June 16, Kylie Jenner has shared a new photo on his account of Instagram, which has become apparent fashion. In fact, it has been presented to the cliché, the most beautiful of the world with his adorable girl Stormi.

The two have also led to the imposition of elongated shape, in the realization of papouilles and a big kiss. For its part, the daughter of Kylie Jenner has put his hand in the face of your mom the way more adorable.

In the title of your photo to Instagram, Kylie Jenner has also written : “I so much love this little baby I want to explode .. sometimes he looks at me and I cry, knowing that there is going to be it is never too small.

Kylie Jenner was also asked : “Who knew that something so small could take up the better part of his heart. God has not made any error with you baby Stormi. In the behind-the-scene “.

Kylie Jenner: your photo full of love with your daughter, Stormi !

Kylie Jenner reveals the cliché of the more adorable with his daughter Stormi

With your photo, Kylie Jenner has garnered more than 11 million “likes” of their fans. An impressive figure. With your photo, the young woman it’s going to almost break records “I like it” in the social network.

In the comments, the subscribers have not failed to supplement the mom and her little girl. It is said that they were made by the fusion of the Canvas. But this is not all. Her sisters have also to the left a little message.

This is the case for Kim Kardashian who has also written : “She is very lucky to have you mom,”. Khloé has also added : “Amen, Kylie ! This is the best ! You’re the best ! Being a mom is the experience more magical.

Kourtney Kardashian has also revealed to his side : Mommyland. The sister that has not been discussed is their sister Kendall Jenner and her brother Rob !