Even a talented, Emmy- winning actress and fashion icon like Zendaya can deal with shyness.

The 24-year-old star talked to GQ about her being introverted making her look ” cold and mean, ” so she learned to expose herself more.


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” In this industry, I had to learn to converse. People had the first impression that I was cool because I didn’t know how to start a conversation. I remember my stylist saying to me: ‘You turn out cold. People think you are. bad because you don’t talk. I was actually just too nervous “she explained.

At home things are different: ” With my family and friends, I can go back and forth on a topic for no reason . There is no prize but I like to talk and talk about it to make sure my point of view is heard “.


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Maybe she’s not starting the conversation, but there’s one compliment in particular that Zendaya loves getting from people she doesn’t know.

” When people tell me their kids have looked at me . They tell me, ‘We are proud of you girl. Keep doing what you’re doing.’ I stay like this: ‘Aww, thank you! ‘”.

“I feel that everyone becomes like my aunt at that moment and I want to make them proud – he continued – These things mean a lot to me . I don’t want to disappoint anyone “.

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