All Potterheads have a character of their heart and identify with one of the four houses of Hogwarts: including Zendaya!

The star revealed in an interview for GQ who is her favorite protagonist of the Harry Potter saga and which house she would suggest for herself to the sorting hat.

” People will think it’s too easy, but I choose Harry Potter himself, ” he said of the character he loves the most.

A choice that she believes goes against the grain: ” Because when I went to the Harry Potter museum for my birthday, they told me that when they ask people what their favorite character is, no one ever answers Harry. In a way, because he’s the main character and the chosen one, people decide not to choose him, so he thinks he’s cool. But he’s the chosen one, he’s been through a lot and he’s tough. So I choose Harry. ”

On the Hogwarts house, the 24-year-old actress explained: ” I feel like I’m a Gryffindor because I’ve always loved lions, so it feels right to me. Then Harry is a Gryffindor, so … “.

In the same interview, Zendaya shared other curiosities, such as the fact that she is “still very close to most ” of the people who worked with her on the KC Secret Agent series.

“They really became my family. Kadeem Hardison (Craig in the series) is one of the people closest to me. He’s a mentor, a brother. Kamil (McFadden, aka Ernie) is also like my brother, we always go out together and Let’s play videogames. Veronica (Dunne, or Marissa), all of them, are also very lucky. “

And again, his way of dealing with anxiety and stress: ” I’m trying to find remedies myself. Anxiety and stress are a constant in my life because of my work and what I require of myself – she explained – I’m trying to find out how to handle these things in a healthy way, doing things that bring me joy, like painting and writing.

” Sometimes you have to force yourself to do it, but it really really helps to put your thoughts on paper. Also call someone to talk to or be out in nature, of course safely. I go for walks where only me is there. , Darnell (his assistant) and my dog. To get some fresh air. “

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