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Robert Downey Jr he began his career in the theater 1970. Little known until the years 2000it is true with the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang of Shane Black in 2005 the actor, the troubled past and difficult, it is a suitable place in the world of cinema. Since then, the actor has been honored with his presence in the cast of Zodiac of David Fincher (2007).

But it is true with Iron Man (2008) of Jon Favreau the actor enters in the big bathroom of Hollywood. Appeared in 11 films Marvel Studios, Robert Downey Jr for more than a with the character Tony Starkthat, unfortunately, the left in Avengers : Endgame.

Out of Marvel Studios, Robert Downey Jr a shot in the Deadline of Todd Philipps Very Bad Trip, Joker) and embodied by two of the leading figures of pop culture, the Doctor Dolittle in the remake of Stephen Gaghan and Sherlock Holmes in the two feature films, very successful Guy Ritchie.

The post race-Marvel seems to be difficult for Robert Downey Jr evidenced by the score, very disappointing of the Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (223 million dollars in revenue by 175 million budget, excluding marketing). The actor has stretched the arm to the back in the barn Marvel.

In this rich career of the American actor, however, is one of his performances that we will be able to retain permanently, because that turns out to be shocking and impressive : this is his performance in The Judge, David Dobkin (2014).

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The story goes that Henry “Hank” Palmer. He is a lawyer, a cynical and successful living in Chicago. He is the father of a small daughter, but is about to divorce his wife Lisa. While in the process, learned by phone of the death of his mother. Then returns to his hometown of Carlinville, Indiana to attend the funeral. He found his family that he gave the back over the years, including his father, Joseph Palmer, the judge of the city, a man pretty hard with that he has never had the affinity. Also check out their two brothers, the eldest of the glen and the youngest, Dale, who is autistic. It recrosses also Samantha, a love of youth. His reunion with his father are freezing. The next day, Hank and his brothers find out that the Cadillac DeVille 1972 of his father stamped.

After the questions without answers, the judge is accused of murder. It would have crashed into a cyclist who was once convicted for murder. While he would not stay to Carlinville for a couple of days, Hank decides to defend him-not even his father. The latter is at first reluctant, but accepts his defense. They will have to put their animosity and differences aside to remove the judge, in the face of Dwight Dickham, a prosecutor determined.

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The film David Dobkin it is a masterpiece. Full, dynamic, rhythmic, with a scenario with onion, The Judge the surprise in the viewer, and transports them to a story emotionally dense and very well played. The casting imperial (Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Vincent d’onofrio, Billy Bob Thornton) carries the film to the end of the arm.

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A true auteur that sends punchlines as powerful as they are tasty, The Judge it is a film of truth of a court, a real movie of the test, with all the great human being that goes with it. And the performance of Robert Downey Jr it is amazing.

A true pillar of the film, the actor is an enclave in the same style of paper that the Sherlock Holmes and Tony Starka lawyer determined, megalomaniac, pretentious, and cynical. However, half way through the film, the story takes the character in a different way, and Robert Downey Jr it happens that adapt perfectly to this change, and, in doing so, your vision in the most personal of the character. Her chemistry with the side characters work, and the duo form with Robert Duvall thus bringing the film into the pantheon of their best performances.

The Judge of David Dobkin it is a film to be seen on an urgent basis, to be available on DVD, Bluray and 4K.

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