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Obviously, not all films may not be financial success, and every year without fail, there are a number of ambitious projects and bold, who are not able to connect with a wider audience.

Sometimes these films get good reviews from the critics, but most of the time, the experts are also mixed in them that the public in general. Often, however, the film fails in its initial version, for the grant of a new lease of years later on video.

There is No true formula to predict the future of the cult classics, but you can hedge your bets on bombs at the box-office elegant appeal to fans in a video in the home. Therefore, do not be surprised if the beautiful Valdian and the City of ten Thousand Planets in the past year, finally to be re-evaluated in the years to come …

10. Natural Born Killers

Warner Bros

Thriller police officer satirical and highly controversial Oliver Stone in 1994, has perhaps benefited from a script written by Quentin Tarantino and a cast-swoon-worthy – that is to say, Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey, Jr., and Tommy Lee Jones – but he was overwhelmed at the box office and received critical in average critical.

Away from its initial version, controversial, where the film has been widely questioned by the media have inspired the murder of ” copiers “, Natural Born Killers still lives as an adored cult.

The direction is bold and visually dynamic of the Stone is combined with the criticism subtle Tarantino of american culture and a quartet of performances unforgettable to deliver a piece of film of a confrontation unusual.

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It is a film that is without a doubt a mess, yes, but also a shining example of the work of the musculature and bloody in the that the Stone was able to do in their best years.

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