5 things you never knew may not be on Sophie Turner


Revealed by the series “Game of Thrones”, Sophie Turner is an actress in vogue.

Sophie Turner interpreter Sansa Stark in the series Game of Thrones since 2011. A role that has allowed the young actress of 22 years old (she celebrates the 21 February) to see open the doors to Hollywood : Sophie has joined the saga X-Men in which she plays Jean Grey, previously performed by Famke Janssen, and the movie roles are linked together. Best friend in the life of Maisie Williams (who plays her sister Arya in GoT), engaged to the singer Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner is at the dawn of a beautiful career.

THE FIRST ROLE. If Sophie Turner began performing comedy at the age of 3 years (within the Playbox Theatre Company), Game of Thrones has marked his professional debut. She was only 14 years old when she won the role of Sansa Stark in the HBO series, and it is his teacher of dramatic art who had encouraged her to pass the audition. It’s his mother who has informed him that she had obtained the roleto his surprise : “My mother woke up one morning and said to me : ‘Hello, Sansa !’ I woke up and I said to myself : ‘No !!!’ And I started to cry. It really was a very good day.”

AS LONG AS IT IS RED. Sophie Turner is naturally blonde. She did dye it red “Tully” (as her mother fiction, Catelyn) to the needs of the role. That she felt at the time ? “It was pretty difficult, especially being in a girls’ school. There are negative preconceptions about people with red hair, so I was nervous. But it was nice to transform myself for my first role. In addition, I was stimulated to see at what point the hair can change the look and personality of a person.”

ADOPTION. At the beginning of the first season Game of Throneseach child Stark adopts a wolf : for Sansa, it was Lady. A dog Zunni, his real name – Sophie Turner adopted for real. Why ? Because the animal has very quickly found himself unemployed (RIP Lady… ), and that the actress did not want to part with it.

SEX EDUCATION. Sophie Turner was discovered that this was the oral sex with Game of Thrones (series is not stingy with scenes a little hot) : “The first time I’ve heard about it, it was in reading the scenario of Game of Thrones, she admitted in an interview with the Sunday Times. I was like, ‘Wow, people are doing this, this is fascinating !’ One can really say that Game of Thrones has contributed to my sexual education.”

INFLUENCEUSE. Was this for Game of Thrones or something else ? The young actress revealed in an interview with Net-à-Porter she had obtained a role with… to its presence on the social networks : “I’ve passed this audition for a project (it does not) and it was between me and another girl, much better than me. But I had more followers and so I had the job. This is not very fair but it’s part of the film industry now.” Sophie has more than 11.3 million fans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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