Active and Healthy At 95? Queen Elizabeth II, Has Done so


The British monarch, Queen Elizabeth, is one of the longest-lived women in history and is about to beat the record of Louis XV, you know, how did she do it?

The Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is now one of the longest monarchs in history to the British throne who even is to surpass the record set by Louis XIV who had 72 years in the reign at the time of the end, currently the ” sovereign of 16 independent states “, will celebrate 70 years as head of the crown.

Although many do not prefer to live as many years as Queen Elizabeth II, surely the thought of reaching 95 years gives them a feeling of wanting to be well and move on their own feet just as the grandmother of ” princes Harry and William ” does.  


A new book would reveal one of the great enigmas that means for many the fact that a 95-year-old woman maintains that vitality, the answer, according to experts, is in her habits, and here we will reveal some of them. 

The eldest daughter of Prince Albert and Elizabeth, (Dukes of York), Elizabeth Alexandra Marie (Elizabeth Alejandra María), mother of the future “heir to the throne”, who would break the record in 2024, as the sovereign with the longest reign in history she has followed a series of habits that would lead her to stay younger than she really is. 

Many people tend to think that longevity requires a very rigorous physical exercise routine, says Kozlowski. The Queen of England, on the other hand, is in favor of “sensible exercise.” 

Bryan Kozlowski is a specialist in British culture and royalty who will launch a book called “Long live the queen: 23 rules to live as the longest-reigning monarch in the United Kingdom, which was released at the end of 2020. 

This work would explore some of the customs that for several years have accompanied the life of Queen Elizabeth II and that have contributed in a certain way to the monarch having aged while maintaining an urgent state of health.

The one born on April 21, 1926, turned 95 in 2021, and in February 2022 she would celebrate 70 uninterrupted years when the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations reigned.



Among the exercises that “His Royal Highness” has always done constantly are horseback riding and walking with his corgis (dogs) through the gardens of Frogmore House in the surroundings of Windsor Castle. 

As Kozlowski explains to the New York Post, “studies indicate that the type of exercises that can be maintained are those that cause enthusiasm for doing them.”


Today’s life of Prince Philip of Edinburgh, dedicates part of his time to preparing his meetings with the prime ministers, apparently, the mother of four descendants of the Windsor always seeks to remove the boring side so she tries to bring out any political issue or constitutional issue that they know nothing about, “says Kozlowski.


Apparently, the “mother-in-law of the Duchess of Cornwall” belongs to the generation that lived through food rationing during World War II, hence the reason she is used to simple meals, although she does not stop satisfying small cravings: Cake slice for afternoon tea, which is accompanied by sandwiches and scones. 


Similarly, the great-grandmother of Princes George, Charlotte, Louis, Archie, and now “Lilibeth Diana” not counting the son of one of the “Duchesses of York” incorporates alcohol into her daily diet but in moderation.

It is not uncommon for her closest associates to see her have a gin cocktail in the morning, a glass of wine at lunch, or a glass of champagne in the evening, a habit that experts would say is a “self-drinker.” transcendent”,

However, for Kozlowsky, it remains totally certain that His Majesty would not allow this little habit to interfere with his work and life in general and all these years are enough for tests.

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