Alexa Dellanos takes off her shirt and shows her cute swimsuit

Alexa Dellanos

Alexa showed off the swimsuit she was wearing underneath, she took off her shirt so that her fans could enjoy it to the fullest

One of the Internet’s favorite models is Alexa Dellanos, the beautiful daughter of a well-known Telemundo presenter, Myrka Dellanos, who does not stop pampering her audience with beautiful photos and videos of her modeling.

On this occasion, the young woman recorded a video that reached her stories and surprised all the users who managed to observe it because in this she appears with a checkered shirt that she ends up taking off to show off the swimsuit she wears underneath.

The clip has reddish tones and became a highly attractive piece of entertainment for its faithful audience who enjoyed it to the fullest and also shared it among their friends so that no one would miss it for being so cute.

The Influencer flirts in a professional way before the camera and her fans once again manage to be captivated with her great beauty, a beautiful face, and a figure that she could only have achieved with so much exercise, diets, and of course some procedures that gave her a little help.

If it were a publication, it would surely have hundreds of thousands of reproductions and I like in addition to the comments that are never necessary in the posts of its profile, which by the way has already reached 3.9 million followers, a number that cost work arrive, but surely soon we will have a celebration for the 4.



It should be remembered that a few weeks ago he was collaborating with a renowned photographer with whom he achieved an incredible session in which each photograph was practically gold.

There is no doubt that this profession fits her perfectly and she enjoys it too much, always striving to give her best pose, her best face and above all to stay as beautiful as possible by going to the gym with her friend Lyna Pérez, who by the way she loves a lot and that they are always there to support each other, commenting and liking each other.

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