Angelina Jolie in the new thriller “Those who want me dead”


The divine Angelina Jolie conquers the scene of the thriller Those who want me dead (from June 3rd in digital exclusive on the main platforms). after blockbuster as Maleficent and before returning as a superheroine and warrior in The Eternals (november 4, directed by Oscar winner Chloé Zhao.


This volcanic 45-year-old, these days struggling with the divorce from Brad Pitt (now requested 5 years ago and now ended up in court for the custody of the six children), this time falls into the shoes of Hannah, a paratrooper firefighter who dedicates his life to the protection of forests and forests. After an accident that cost the lives of three people during a fire, the protagonist behaves more recklessly and unconsciously than usual. The only woman in a male team, she manages to stand up to her colleagues without great effort, but her sensitive and empathetic side often leads her into trouble. On its way, in fact, crosses Connor (Finn Little), a twelve-year-old boy who has just been orphaned and with a mission to accomplish and she is willing to do anything to protect him.

Girl power

It is to this frightened and lonely child that the title of the film refers: ruthless and mysterious men hunt him down while Hannah tries to bring him to safety, protect him and help him while a hell of fire breaks loose around her. Unlike many other roles in her career, this time Jolie – while remaining the heroine of the story – does not show herself imperturbable and invincible, indeed she finally admits that she does not have all the answers and that she can make mistakes, like all of us ordinary mortals. Perhaps here lies the charm of this heart-pounding adventure, which alternates epic action scenes with moments of unexpected intimacy. Her alter ego shows herself to be maternal (even without being a biological mother), one of the aspects that the diva has always said she loves in the feminine nature and that here shows herself in her magnificence.


Special effects

The film directed by Taylor Sheridan also stars Nicholas Hoult in a sniper version (recently in the extravagant guise of the Russian Emperor Peter in The Great, next to Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones) and Jon Bernthal with the sheriff’s star of the area (former star of The Punisher). Every emotion of the characters is experienced dangerously and there is no special effect capable of containing or amplifying the extreme magnitude of the forces that animate them. For your own purposes here you are willing to live or die and you do not take prisoners, only victims.

In this extreme version of the executioner, Angelina Jolie fascinates us, as well as obviously entertaining us, certainly not for the originality of the story (between cinema and TV the daring escapes are not lacking) but for the intensity with which she devoted herself to this character. She does not want to be pitied or understood – let alone saved – she just needs to be left free and wild like the nature she loves so much.


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