Angelina Jolie Will Never Forgive Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is not happy with the court’s decision to let Brad Pitt have equal custody of the children. A source close to the actress revealed that the actress will never forgive her ex-husband after losing the custody battle.

According to Us Weekly on June 2 (US time), Angelina Jolie was “bitterly disappointed” after Judge John Ouderkirk ruled in favor of Brad Pitt in their tense custody battle. The reason why the star was defeated before her ex-husband was because the judge found her testimonies lacked credibility. “The decision was made based on detailed testimony from people who have spent time with the children and reputable professionals,” the source told the magazine.

While Brad Pitt’s side is excited about the new decision, an insider revealed that his ex-wife has planned the next steps. “Angelina will never forgive Brad Pitt, she will do all she can to protest the court’s decision. She insists this fight is far from over and still believes that justice will eventually be served,” the person added.

With objections from Angelina Jolie, the battle of Hollywood’s most powerful couple is hard to end at the moment.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 and began a tense legal battle since then. For many years, the movie star couple Mr. and Mrs. Smith still could not agree on the issue of raising children. The 57-year-old actor wants to split the custody of the common children, and the 46-year-old star is determined to take full custody of the children. 5.2021 in March, judges ruled the original pair of yellow stars Hollywood shared custody, except you both Maddox was no longer a minor.

During the child custody arbitration, Angelina Jolie once tried to remove Judge Ouderkirk from the role of “the arbitrator” on the grounds of bias, having a lack of transparency with Brad Pitt and the actor’s legal team. pellets. At the end of last month, the Dark Fairy star filed a lawsuit against this person who refused to let her children testify in court. “Judge Ouderkirk refused to give a fair trial to Ms. Jolie, improperly excluding her evidence relating to the health, safety, and welfare of the children, which was an important factor in the settlement of the case. her trial”, the team of lawyers of this famous star stated in the document filed with the court.


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