Ariana Grande’s Pov video, soon Off The Table with The Weeknd?


Pov by Ariana Grande is the song by Positions that more than any other deserves to become a single. And not only because it has depopulated on the net since the debut of the album, but because it is by far the most enjoyable song on the album, especially because it highlights the pop star’s soprano vocal skills and her wonderful falsetto. A love song in which the singer affirms the desire to love and trust herself in the same way that her lover does, beware of herself from the point of view (point of you, pov precisely) of those who love her unconditionally. And from June 21 the song has finally an official video, a live performance made in collaboration with Vevo.

The video of Pov by Ariana Grande

In the clip in which she records a live performance, Grande appears in an almost fairytale setting, on a floor covered by a green lawn but at the same time in a modern studio, with the band surrounding her singing her song. This is the first of a collaboration that has just started with Vevo, as the streamer’s Instagram channel commented: “And this is just the beginning!“.

Ariana Grande’s POV: Third single from Positions?

Pov by Ariana Grande was never officially announced as a single. Since the album Positions was released last October, American radio broadcast the singles Positions and 34+35, almost simultaneously, making them get an excellent result: both certified platinum, the two songs have reached the top of the airplay pop charts. Then came also the remix of 34+35while Pov by Ariana Grande continued to grind streaming ratings and dominate on TikTok as the soundtrack of thousands of videos.

Ariana Grande’s pov claimed by the public

This song was received with unanimously positive opinions and was literally invoked as a single by ariana grande fans. On the other hand, the numbers do not lie: only on Spotify it has more than 215 million playbacks, while the official audio on Youtube has obtained over 63 million views. Last April a lyric video was published with a choreography, but without the Grande: despite the absence of the artist in the clip, in a few weeks the video has exceeded 7 million reproductions. In essence it was the audience who pumped this song without it being officially a single. And only with the tam tam of streaming Pov by Ariana Grande entered the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and in the Top 20 of the British charts. Numbers that scream the hit in every respect.

Ariana Grande’s Pov paves the way for Off The Table with The Weeknd?

The publication of the video has also given rise to a pleasant suspicion, namely that the collaboration with Vevo will continue (and this is clear from the comment of the platform) with another live video very soon. The next performance could be the duet Off The Table with The Weeknd, one of the songs of Positions.


The Canadian artist and producer has in fact commented with the symbol of an hourglass the post that announced the video of Pov by Ariana Grande on Vevo: the public’s speculations started instantly and given the many recent collaborations of the couple (most recently the remix of Save Your Tears, also performed live and masterfully at the IHeartMusic Awards last May), everything is focused on a video together for their song Off The Table.

Ariana Grande’s live video of Pov

Meanwhile, here is an Ariana Grande in a state of grace in Pov, the first live performance of the era Positions for a song from the album.


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