Arnold Schwarzenegger back in ‘Predator : Hunting Grounds”


Get to the CHOPPA!!! Predator : Hunting Grounds is the new video game from the franchise of the same name. Game full multi-player that puts you in the shoes of a commando in the jungle, or the famous “Predator”. Gameplay is asymmetrical, 4-versus 1, the experiment is interesting on paper than is it a joystick in hand?

Predator Hunting Grounds has been developed by Illfonic, a studio that Friday the 13th, another game franchise with a gameplay multi asymmetrical. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment this Predator Hunting Grounds is available on PS4 and PC (Epic Game Store). It is cross-play. Players PS4 and PC play together. We are dealing with the 4 against 1. 4 commandos and a single Predator.

4 players will camp a group of commandos sent into the jungle to perform different missions, such as search of the intel, eliminate targets, investigate, steal gold, etc, only to finally flee in a helicopter once the mission is accomplished. They will have to fight your way through a jungle rather dense and camps full of fighters armed to the teeth, but with brains of a bird. It is necessary to work in a group and not be too isolating, because the real danger comes from the Predator that lurks.

The Predator is, itself, evolving all alone. He takes in hunting the commandos. Her goal is simple. Hide, seek, find, and eliminate the commando. The Predator has more than one trick in his bag to have the advantage on the ground. Invisibility, vision, infrared, traps, lures and devastating weapons. In addition, the Predator has a high mobility. It is fast. He jumps very high and very far away. But above all, he is able to climb on trees and jump from one to the other hyper easily. As in Assassin’s Creed, the Predator is a champion Yamakasi who does Parkour…finally the Predkour in the occurrence as they say in the game. Then all is rather simple to use, but Illfonic has even thought of doing a tutorial for the Predator.

In practice, the game starts not bad. There is the musical theme of the first Predator. The ambiance jungle of the first one is very successful. The jungle is rather dense and provided. It arrives in chopper, it gets the mud all over to go unnoticed to the infrared, and it sinks gently to the enemy camps. Good after this is not ugly, but this is not very nice either. We feel that the graphics are not the strength of the title. In addition, there is a lot of motion blur a little annoying flickering probably due to the upscale. The characters are generic to wish and the rest of the decorations also. The Predator is not too bad actually, with its different masks and weapons, but there is always this effect slobbering and dull textures.

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For what is sensation, this is not very glorious either. It is very standard and hyper classic. The target is heavy. The action is fairly soft. Shoot the npc is not very interesting due to the AI practically non-existent. And the goals are not exciting either. There remains the attack on the Predator that is motivating. And, again, this is a little way, as the commando is much more powerful. Just stay a bit in the group and the Predator is not too much of a threat. But it is funny to kill him. In addition, once on land, the Predator can trigger the self-destruct. The soldiers in life must run out of the area of the explosion, which is well-made.

Side Predator, you will understand that it is a lot less fun than expected because it is too low and it must be really good to win. Despite the many weapons and gadgets, the Predator is difficult to use, and low, and it does not weight more than 1v1. As soon as it is identify we switch it on. And often it is the end. However, a true Predator mastered by a seasoned player is hyper dangerous and makes the part much more intense and interesting.

For customization, it is rather classic. Basically, they are classes; assault, scout, recon, and support-side commando and hunter, scout, and your berseker predator side. It prepares its package with its main weapon and secondary with their accessories, cameras, chargers, etc, It adds grenades, and perks. For the Predator it is the same. One chooses the sex of the Predator, its weapons and accessories, as well as her outfit. You unlock over time, levels gone and boxes of loot of new accessories, weapons, outfits, etc, once Again it is classic, but it works. There is choice and variety to do this build on-measure.

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As most of the games asymmetrical exercise is perilous. It is necessary to swing perfectly, the gameplay of the two sides for not having a clear advantage for one or the other. If sometimes the one who is alone against the other is too powerful, in Predator Hunting Grounds, it is the Predator that is in a state of weakness and the commando ben too powerful or resistant, leaving little chance for the hunter alien to defeat. But a good Predator will come out if it is mobile and master the gameplay. This is not easy and requires a lot of training.

It is important to know that the game to a system with a waiting list to get into a party. We can choose to be a commando or Predator. The waiting time to join a game, commando is a little over 30 seconds. It is rather quick. It’s going to. However, to be the Predator, you have to be more patient and wait for about 5 to 7 minutes. It is normal, the seats are more rare. But all of a sudden, it plays less often Predator and it is difficult to become good with him.

Predator Hunting Grounds is a disappointment. It is often the case with video games in the franchise, but there have been exceptions. This is not one of them. The universe and the theme is respected. One almost has the impression of being in the film alongside Arnold, who is not in the game. The music is there. That’s good. It is always that. The jungle is rather successful. The centrepieces for the immersion are there. The result is unfortunately less glorious. The realization and the execution are below expectations. It is very traditional and generic. The gameplay is a little soft, messy and imprecise. The feeling of shooting are not excellent. The action is not enough to the appointment. The tension of being hunted by the Predator is a good first parties. We feel observed and tracked. The tension is palpable.

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Fortunately, because, the mission objectives themselves are boring and not really interesting. The AI is pretty bad and static. The action is not good. There is only the Predator that is the heart of the game : the famous gameplay asymmetric 4v1. And again, unfortunately, the game Illfonic fishing due to a bad balancing. The predator is not strong enough to decimate a squad of 4 armed soldiers a little bit organized. The approach and observation are good. Invisible to jump from tree to tree. Wait for the right moment to attack. Unfortunately, against 4 opponents the Predator is not very long. It is far too low and doesn’t hit hard enough and quickly. It is necessary to be much more mobile and make small attacks light up. This does not prevent to have excellent games against a Predator veteran who knows what he is doing. And there, the game is not bad. The tension comes back and we have fun.

All that to say that the interest of the game depends entirely on the capabilities of the player in control of the Predator and that, unfortunately, it is rare to have a good. But when this is the case, the game becomes fun to play. Is that the game has improved and will balance with time over the updates, maybe. But for now, this is not enough balanced, it’s lack of content and variety to invest in.

The most :
Be the Predator (hard)
The theme Predator respected
The atmosphere successful
The palpable tension…against a good Predator
The jungle
Cross-play PS4 & PC
The self-destruction
The customization of weapons and characters.
The masks for the Predator
References to the film

The least :
Balancing missed (unless expert with the Predator)
The Predator is too weak and difficult to use for novices
No tension…against a bad Predator
The objectives osef commandos
Not good (technically and artistically)
The IA strawberry
Achievement generic
The wait time to be Predator
Not Duke, Weathers, Ventura or


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