Arnold Schwarzenegger bedroom Sylvester Stallone mocking the size of his knife (VIDEO)


Arnold Schwarzenegger has gently mocked the size of the knife used by Stallone in Rambo, in comparison to hers to Predator.

Apparently it is the size that counts. At least, when it comes to knives. Far from being considered fine blades, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are kind of a knife tooth sharp.

For a charity, Sylvester Stallone has signed one of his knives used to play the character of Rambo. A weapon that his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger has been able to procure time for a moment. He took the opportunity to pull out his knife used in Predator. Given that the blade is much more impressive, the Terminator could not help but mock.

Sly, I just see the knife that you signed up for a charity. This is incredible, look at this knife. But, this is not a knife … but that is a knife ! This is what it was used for Predator. It is just a little bit bigger than yours. But don’t worry. More seriously, I wish you good luck for Rambo coming out this weekend. You’re going to be incredible, it’s going to be a cardboard box, you’re the best.

In the latest installment of Rambo called Last Blood is going to finally come out in theaters, Wednesday, September 25.

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