Arnold Schwarzenegger made the show on Instagram for the containment


Locked up in his home, Arnold Schwarzenegger sends regular videos on Instagram, the more funny one than the other.

Stay at home

In this period new, we never repeat it enough, it is essential that everybody remains at home. In a first time to protect themselves, but also to prevent the contamination of our fellow citizens. A message that has been assimilated relatively quickly by one of the most revered figures of american cinema, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

From his home, the former star of bodybuilding entertains his fans, via many videos posted on its networks. In addition to being particularly funny, as he was nicknamed, Schwarzy vehicle the right message, the one of above all, don’t leave your home. On his account Instagram, you can find it in his home, with his dog, and his asses, to live her best life.

Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues his intensive training to keep in shape. It fits just his trainings for not having to get out of the house, and he invites you to do the same. In fact, staying at home doesn’t mean stop the sport, far from it. It is even advised to put in place an exercise routine daily to stay in shape before the gym re-opened their doors.

At the age of 72, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to extend its Wikipedia page all day long. Bodybuilding, movies, politics, nothing seems to be able to withstand Schwarzy. And this is not the fact to be locked up for a few weeks that should stop the legend. Pending the review in the weight room, or on the screen, and you can find him on Instagram.

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