Arnold Shwarzenegger reacts to the sex scene of his son


Patrick Schwarzenegger has a surprise for his parents who came to support the launch of his film. In fact, neither Arnold Shwarzenegger, nor his wife are expected to this sex scene where their son played. Moreover, it has not failed to respond, and we reveal all in our article.

To be the son of one of the most famous actors of Hollywood, surely, is not an easy thing. Patrick Schwarzenegger knows it too. Even less so when we invite his parents to go see his movie. However, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger has made more strong. In fact, he not only invited his parents to go see his movie, but he never gave them any information on what the film contained. It was then with amazement that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have discovered their son, to the screen, in a sex scene. Suffice to say that the parents were, to say the least, surprised.

It is necessary to say that Patrick Schwarzenegger has not warned his parents about this scene. In the commentary, Patrick said : “I didn’t know what to say “. In parallel, his mother, Maria Shriver commented: “his role is a serious one … his father and I are proud of him “. Nothing is more normal of a part of a mother. In fact, that is called Schwarzenegger, or not, a mother remains the primary supporter of his children.

But what is the reaction of the father, Arnold? For an actor who has made a name thanks to his physique, he reacted very well. Indeed, while Patrick Schwarzenegger, unveils his body, showing himself to be in a sex scene, Arnold is known for showing off his pecs in his films. Suffice to say that everyone has his own style. However, Arnold acknowledges the good acting from his son. Moreover, the father heaps praise on his son. Suffice to say that in the family Schwarzenegger, a generation of players continues on his lineage. In any case, continuing in the People, check out Gad Elmaleh who recounted the first time he made love with a prostitute.

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