Away from the scandals, Donald and Melania Trump celebrate Christmas with a smile


Donald and Melania Trump celebrated the Christmas eve on Tuesday evening at Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, surrounded by many guests.

Away from the scandals that surround them, and of the impeachment proceedings initiated against him, the u.s. president appeared smiling and relaxed on Tuesday evening to celebrate the Christmas eve. It is in Florida, in his private club Mar-a-Lago, a lavish lunch was organized in the presence of many guests. His wife, Melania, of course, was of the party, elegant in a sober black dress and floor of high heels.

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Before going to dinner, the presidential couple attended Christmas mass at the church of West Palm Beach. In the day, Donald Trump has also spent time to chat, by video, with soldiers of the u.s. troops deployed around the world. On this occasion, the president acknowledged that he had not yet bought a Christmas gift for his wife. “I’m still in the process of looking for a gift. But there’s a little bit of time. Not much, but a little bit”, he confided, adding a “very nice card” to offer him.

Donald Trump has also been questioned by a soldier on his small role obtained in the cult film “Mama I missed the plane”, released in 1992. “I was a little younger, we’ll say,” said the former real estate magnate who had just bought the Plaza Hotel in New York where several scenes of the film were shot in the early 1990s. “It’s obviously been a great success, he continued. A great success of Christmas, one of the largest. It is an honour to have been involved in such a thing”.

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Another topic that is less light that will be addressed in this videoconference : the threat of a missile strike north korea by the end of the year. North Korean leaders have done in recent weeks a series of statements vehemently, and set an ultimatum to the Americans to agree, by the end of this year, to make more concessions, otherwise they promise a “Christmas gift”. “Maybe this will be a gift nice, maybe a nice vase rather than a test of missile,” replied Donald Trump.

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