Battlefield 2042 will be playable in July, but good luck will be required

© EA

Battlefield 2042 was revealed a few days ago and now there is information about the first test phases. If you can hardly wait and are a big Battlefield fan, with a lot of luck you could be playing in July.

First test only for absolute Battlefield super fans

Although there is no gameplay yet, EA has already announced the first chance to play “Battlefield 2042”. There will be a technical test for the PC at the beginning of July, which will only take place under strict conditions with a confidentiality agreement

There is no special registration for the technical test. EA and DICE themselves choose the players who are allowed to participate. So you have to belong to a group of Battlefield super fans who qualify by unknown conditions. If you‘re lucky, you might actually be part of this group and try Battlefield 2042 in July.

This should be playable in the technical test :

  • Conquest mode will be playable
  • One of the seven cards ( orbital )
  • Four of the specialists
  • New weapons, vehicles (helicopters, jets), and more

In Orbital, you fight on the ground during a rocket launch. © EA

Since players have to sign a statement that they will not disclose anything to the public about the test, there will likely be few, if any, leaks.

What’s next after that?

However, this will not be the only test that will be carried out for “Battlefield 2042”. It will be much easier afterward to take part in the Open Beta. So now is already known that anyone with advance and with an EA-play subscription premature access will get. After Early Access, there will likely be a testing phase for everyone as well.

The Open Beta should take place sometime a few weeks before the release. It has not yet been precisely defined, but the test should start for everyone at the end of August or September at the latest.

“Battlefield 2042” will be released on October 22, 2021 for PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X / S , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC . PlayCentral summarizes the most important, known information about the next shooter highlight here for you .


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