Bryce Hall had an accident with his car (video)


Bryce Hall he had a small accident with his car and the related video was posted yesterday on Twitter.

The Youtuber and TikToker was driving his car near a hedge. Unfortunately, however, there was a parked car right there that was buffered by Bryce’s.

The boy, of course, tried to steer avoiding the impact without however succeeding and ending up dabbing the left corner of the stopped car.

After this incident, Bryce wrote a message that was posted along with the video and in which he apologized and promised to repay the inevitable damages.

Bryce Hall and the breakup with Addison Rae

Not so long ago came the confirmation that Bryce and Addison they left themselves, making their breakup official. The two tiktokers have spoken definitively about the end of their relationship. Addison had the chance to speak directly with the paparazzi who chase her day and night. Bryce instead decided to shoot a video to talk about the end of their relationship.

Neither of them wanted, for obvious privacy reasons, to go into too much detail. Already, in fact, many have pointed the finger at him, accused of having betrayed his now ex-girlfriend. It is said that the crime took place last February, during a party where Bryce was allegedly pinched with another girl.

On the other hand Addison Rae, who recently revealed the news of the breakup to Zach Sang, revealed to reporters that she still loves her ex very much. In spite of everything, therefore, the breakup would seem to have been not so traumatic.

Apparently, in any case, Addison would already have a new flame. According to Bryce himself, the tiktoker is currently dating with Paul Logan! Bryce Hall, for his part, uploaded a video on his Youtube channel specifying that he had never betrayed his now ex-girlfriend.

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